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Please take a moment to review MSDC's

 Social Distance Plans. 

The plans will be enforced for our Fall Season⭐️

**Short health assessment questions will be asked to each student weekly for the safety of the kids.** Masks may become mandatory while dancing depending on how guidelines change from week to week.

Social Distance Guidelines for MSDC

1. If ANYONE in the household is sick PLEASE refrain from coming to dance class.

2. When entering the studio’s waiting room, PLEASE wear your masks ALWAYS!

3. Please DO NOT be more than 3-5 minutes early to class.

4. Please immediately use hand sanitizer on table to the right of the door.

5. The waiting room is to be used ONLY by the dance students to leave their outside shoes and bags. Outside shoes cannot be worn into the studio room. Parents CANNOT wait for their dancers in the waiting room during dance classes.

6. Dancers please immediately find a safe distanced X on the floor to leave your bag/shoes. Please leave masks on.

7. ONLY ONE parent per small child (ages 3-5) in waiting room. Parents will need to leave immediately after dancer goes into the studio room. Unfortunately, we cannot fully utilize the waiting room during classes. Please DO NOT be more than 5 minutes early to class.

8. Once your teacher calls you into class she will instruct you to either leave your mask on or take your mask off. This all depends on the number of kids in each class. If we are safely able to social distance each dancer ( their own 6x6 dancing square) then we will not have to keep the masks on for the duration of class. If the group is on the larger side then everyone WILL need to keep their mask on.

9. Once your teacher opens the door after class masks will have to be put back on.

10. After class PLEASE be on time to pick your dancer up! We unfortunately cannot have dancers hanging out in the waiting room after classes.

11. Dancers PLEASE use the hand sanitizer again before exiting the waiting room .

12. All doors will be cleaned and sanitized after each class by the teachers.

13. Please place all payments in the payment box located on the back waiting room wall.

14. We at MSDC are asking to please be patient and understanding through these times. It will be new for everyone and our main goal is to allow these dancers to safely do what they love each week.

Other safety measures in place at MSDC

*After each class is over the teachers are sanitizing the barres and 6x6 dancing squares.

*The waiting room room/pathways to the studio rooms will also be sprayed down after each class.

*The bathroom will be cleaned/sanitized after each student needs to use it. With saying this please do your best as parents to have your dancer use the bathroom BEFORE leaving home.

If there is anyway we can make your dancer’s stay more comfortable please contact Miss Sam.

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