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Breeding the New Generation of Dance Prodigies

MSDC in Motion

Competition Information

Summer Camp and Tryouts Dates

The required summer session for all interested students will be from August 9th to August 13th. The summer session is $76.00 per student. 

Tryouts will be on August 6th during class. All students trying out are required to wear a black leotard and tan tights. In addition, hair must be secured into a bun. Note that this will also be their weekly uniform for their comp class during fall season.

Monthly tuition for fall comp classes will be $46.00–48.00, along with the monthly charge of core classes. Other charges will include costumes, tights, shoes, and entry fees. 

**Important note to all families interested in Competition. In order for each age group to run in the summer/fall, each class needs to have at least 4 dancers enrolled in the classes.**


Petites/Mini’s Camp: 4:00 – 4:45 PM

Junior Camp: 4:45– 5:30 PM

Senior Camp: 5:30 PM – 6:15 PM

What will I need if I make the team?

  • An MSDC Jacket and Leggings (Estimated $75.00 and $35.00, Respectively)

At competitions, all studios wear their team uniforms. This is an important team staple for the world of competitive dance.

  • A Hair Piece ($40.00)

This is part of a clean competition stage look. Miss Sam will provide earrings and a choker for each student. These belong to the MSDC costume closet and will need to be returned after every performance.

  • Half Soles ($25.00)

Each level of kids will do two routines during the competition. These routines consist of a jazz dance/ lyrical or contemporary dance . The kids can use their jazz shoes from their normal weekly class but will need the half soles for their lyrical/contemporary piece. Hiphop is also available for each age group. Each hiphop age group will do 1 Comp routine.

These expenses will be due after your tryout on August 13th, after you receive your results. That way, Miss Sam’s Dance Centre can work to have your items ready for you once we start in September.

We’re so excited about our upcoming year! MSDC has a ton of talent, and we can’t wait to share it with the world. We will work our hardest to make your first ventures into the world of competitive dance a positive experience for you and your kids. See you at tryouts!

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