2018/2019 Dance Classes 

MONDAY Studio A (Miss Sam)

3:45- 4:15- Solo (M.R.) CLOSED

4:15-4:45- Solo-(A.W.) CLOSED

4:45-5:30- Star Struck Ballet/Lyrical (Tweens)

5:30-6:15- Star Struck Tap/Jazz
6:15-6:45- Pointe III               

6:45-7:30- Broadway Bound Advanced Ballet/Lyrical/Contemporary

7:30-8:15- Broadway Bound Advanced Tap/Jazz,/Hiphop/Modern

8:15-8:45- Broadway Bound Advanced Company Class

8:45-9:15- CLOSED (C.V.)

9:15-9:45- CLOSED (T.H. and L.H.) 

MONDAY Studio B (Miss Katie)

Monday 6:15-6:45- Solo-Z.C. CLOSED

Monday 6:45-7:15 Tumble II/III 

Monday 7:15-8:00-Solo-K.G. CLOSED


TUESDAY Studio A (Miss Sam)

3:30-4:00- CLOSED-(G.C.)
4:00-4:30CLOSED (K.L.)

4:30-5:15- Dancin Dolls Tap/Jazz (Ages 5-7)
5:15-6:00- Dancin Dolls Ballet/Lyrical (Ages 5-7)
6:00- 6:45- Shooting Stars Ballet/Lyrical (Ages 8-10)
6:45-7:30- Shooting Stars Tap/Jazz (Ages 8-10)
7:30-8:30- Senior Comp Team (By Tryout Only)
8:30-9:00- CLOSED (K.O.)

9:00-9:30- CLOSED (M.R. & M.B.)


FRIDAY Studio A (Miss Sam)
3:30- 4:00Solo-CLOSED (K.L.)

4:00-4:30- CLOSED (B.L.& D.M.& C.W.)

4:30-5:15Theatre Dance 

5:15-6:00- Mini Competition Team (By Tryout Only)

6:00-6:45- Junior Competition Team (By Tryout Only)

6:45-7:30- Senior Competition Team (By Tryout Only)

FRIDAY Studio B (Miss Katie)

4:00-4:30- HipHop Level I

4:30-5:00Hippity Hop (Ages 3-4-Intro to Hiphop)

5:00-5:30- (S.C & JD.C)

5:30--6:00- HipHop Level III

6:00-6:30- Hiphop II


SATURDAY Studio A (Miss Sam)

9:30-10:00Solo-CLOSED (S.G.)

10:00-10:45- Broadway Babies Ballet/ Tap (Ages 3-4)

10:45- 11:30- Solo-CLOSED (K.M.)

11:30-12:00- Solo-CLOSED (K.G & E.G)

*Note: Not all Private/Semi Private times listed are available due to early registration. Private/Semi Private classes are scheduled on a first come first serve basis. Days and times are subject to change.