Apparel Requirements


All students MUST wear a leotard and tights of any color to every class they are enrolled in, along with having their hair pulled back in a bun or at the very least a ponytail. Boys will be expected to wear athletic pants or shorts with a t-shirt and the appropriate shoes.
I strongly believe this is vital to a complete dance education. If your child is appropriately dressed they are more apt to have a stronger sense of dedication, commitment, and professionalism in their classes. It will also enable me as an instructor to make sure your child is using the correct muscles, body alignment, and posture which will help minimize the risk of injury. Warm up clothing is acceptable over top of the leotard and tights for the beginning of class until muscles are warm and awake. You may purchase leotards and tights through the Dance Centre, please ask Miss Sam for information. I would like to have everyone enforcing this rule by the month of October each new dance season.  Failure to do so may result in your child being asked to sit out. Occasional mishaps will be taken into consideration as long as it’s not repetitive.

Shoes Requirements
It is MANDATORY to order shoes through Miss Sam to ensure safety, uniformity and proper fittings.You will not be able to use shoes that do not follow the dress code for our annual recital!

Ages 3-4 Ballet and Tap

*White BUCKLE Tap Shoes & Pink Ballet Slippers WITHOUT TIES.
All Jazz & Tap Classes

*Ages 3 to 7 will have BUCKLE Tan Tap shoes and Tan TIE Jazz Shoes for proper foot support and uniformity. Once your dancer reaches the age of 8 they will need a Tan Tap Boot and a Tan Jazz Boot for classes and performances.

Hiphop Classes

*The studio's specific studio Hiphop sneakers
Ballet and Lyrical
*The studio's Leather Ballet Slippers, Foot Undies, and/or Half Soles-Depending on class level

*Ballet Pink Pointe Shoes professionally fitted at Bailey's Slipper Shop (Rochester NY)
Irish Tap and Soft Shoe

*Black Irish Shoes and Black Tap Shoes

*The studio's White Tumble Shoe

Boys (for all classes)
*Black Jazz Shoes, Black Ballet Slippers, Black Tap Shoes. Depending on class registration.